NaNoWriMo – Day twenty-six.

Monday, November 26th, 2007

Everyone thinks these NaNoWriMo posts are getting old, even me. Fortunately we’ve entered the final week, that is to say, by Friday at Midnight it’s all over, whether I’m ready or not. And of course I’m not. Let’s see, I’m about 3 days behind?

Anyway the point is, I’m ready to start writing about other things! I’m ready to kick this blog into high gear. I’ve been reading about ways to become a better, more widely read blog. Lot’s of talk about RSS feeds (which I admit I still don’t understand!) and pings and SEO, and also a strong urging to switch all blogging activity to WordPress. I am very hesitant, though, to leave Blogger. For what I do it seems perfectly adequate, and it is just so comfortable by now.

I do think, though, that this blog needs a face-lift. What is “Wear Four Thwart” anyway? Or “Wherefore Thou Art” for that matter. These titles are nowhere near as poignant or even as apropos as past blogs “Pacific For Now” or “Reign Blue” or even my “Diabolical Domestic Agenda” (may she forever rest in peace!) I think I’d like to launch the new blog sometime around the new year, and will probably announce it a hundred times here before, so you don’t have to worry about missing it. In case that is the kind of that keeps you up at night worrying.