Could this be the end of us?

Friday, December 7th, 2007

Oh no! I think I’m going to do it. I think I’m going to move my blog over to WordPress. I’m not quite sure why, except I keep hearing it’s the better blogging site, and could that be true? Blogger loyalists, feel free to convince me otherwise! I feel a little bit like a traitor, leaving after these past couple years.

Anyway, the biggest dilemma right now is coming up with a name for the new blog. At least for now, it will have the wordpress suffix tacked onto it, just like this one has the blogspot suffix. Can anyone convince me not to move my blog? Can anyone tell me bad things about WordPress?

Maybe I could just give my new blog a human name, you know, like Herbert William Jacoby or something. Do you think that would be confusing? Maybe I would name it Lydia Mavis Weathervane. Maybe I would name it Judy. Would Judy be a weird name for a blog?

I’ve been chewing my nails like crazy as I’m trying to figure this out. I feel like I’m about to go through a divorce or something. Why would I leave Blogger when it hasn’t hurt me in so long (after, you know, the Great Deletion)? I’m sneezing a lot. I’m getting sick. This blog ordeal is wearing me down. What should I do?