Hair and a blank stare.

Wednesday, December 19th, 2007

When I write something here I tend to follow up on it, I’ll give myself that. Today is day 3 of the Wear-Your-Hair-Down-Week personal challenge. I feel a little bit like a cat has taken up permanent residence on the back of my shoulders and neck, which is kind of precious when I imagine it that way. If she would only purr. Last night I went to bed before 8:00, curled up in a ball in my toasty little bedroom and I’m wondering if maybe I am becoming a cat myself. Going to bed that early of course means that I was not very productive last night, which was foolish with Christmas and also my comic strip deadline looming.

I’m going to be really terrible at tagging, I can tell. (Can you guess how often I’m going to use the style tag? Hint, not as much as the weather tag.)