Can Barack fix this country after wrecking my car?

Wednesday, February 13th, 2008

Well, I made it through most of the day before I realized that I was wearing my shirt backwards. I suppose that is some kind of achievement, isn’t it?

Last night I went with some friends to see Barack Obama at the Kohl Center. I will skip right to the injustice of the evening, in which I was rear-ended while navigating the mess of traffic in search of parking. That in itself, the minor accident, was not the injustice. The injustice was that the woman who drove her car into the back of mine was seen once again later that evening, on the Jumbotron, shaking Barack’s hand. Smiling her face off. As if she hadn’t just hours earlier cracked bumpers with a girl sitting much higher in the stands, much further from the man who could be President and without any chance of a handshake.

But the car is okay, it seems, and the woman was apologetic and very friendly, and mostly I owe her a big “thank you” that I actually have something to write about now. Heaven knows the rally itself wasn’t noteworthy. Well okay that was obviously a joke, because in case you have been living in a cage, nobody is more exciting than Barack Obama these days. I’ve never been to see a politician speak before (unless you count the time that Russ Feingold spoke at Spaight’s Plaza when it was cold and rainy and windy and the speakers blew over and I left early because I was offended by the weather and a few of his talking points), let alone a presidential candidate, let alone a man with so much energy behind his message. Is Barack Obama sincere? I’m pretty convinced he is. Can Barack Obama deliver on all of his promises? Probably not all of them. Can Barack Obama give a good speech? See for yourself:


(I didn’t shoot this video. We were sitting on Barack’s right, in the first balcony.) So what you’re really wondering is, will I vote for him?  Well, that is what I’m wondering too.  Maybe?  I could certainly like to listen to him give more speeches.  Although I should prepare you, I have no plans to broadcast my final political choice here, so keep a’movin’, pokes.  I learned that from Elizabeth.  Want to know who I’m voting for on Tuesday?  Ask me.

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