There is no party on Friday night.

Friday, March 7th, 2008

I don’t feel like writing anything intelligent tonight, or anything clever or droll or ironic or challenging. What I feel like is letting out a monumental yawn, then blinking a few times, and then swallowing, closing my eyes, curling into a ball, and falling asleep. Just like that, without even putting on my pajamas. Without even brushing my teeth!

I had a long day.

But it was good. Things of relative importance were accomplished and I laughed numerous times throughout the day and I had the chance to help people which, I am learning, is one of the best feelings or it least it can be if you’re open to it. But even a good day can be a tiring day, and that is that. I don’t feel like writing anything, really.

So as not to leave you unsatisfied, however, I will share a poem I wrote my senior year of college. It was part of a project in my Digital Printmaking class, which is to say that it wasn’t a very good project and it’s probably not a very good poem, but typing the word “yawn” earlier in this post has got it in my head and now I’m afraid I won’t be able to truly rest until I’ve shared it here.

One last thing to preface this: in writing the text to this project I wrestled at great length with various literary authorities over the grammar, and whether to use whom or who, and was rather unsatisfied when the majority vouched for “who” despite its role as the object. But apparently these days “whom” is not as popular, at least when used at the opening of a sentence, object or not. Can anyone clear this up for me? (Ahem, you know who you are!)


Who is your beast?
Who will feast on your head?
With your whip and your chair
Will you tame it instead?
With its snarling fangs
And its blood soaked maw,
And its Jaws
And its Claws
There’s the thunderous pause
Whilst the beast is restrained,
There’s a rip of applause
For the audience knows
The beast is no match
With your whip and your chair
And your shining top hat
You dominate any who get in your way,
So who will it be?
Whom will you tame?

I guess that doesn’t actually contain the word “yawn” at all, does it? I wonder why “yawn” made me think of it. The project itself contained images of a lion with his mouth wide open, probably roaring, but maybe it makes me think of yawning. I yawned just now typing that. It’s time for bed. (And yes, okay, I’ll brush my teeth and dress in pajamas first.)


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