Jockeying of musical tastes.

Sunday, October 12th, 2008

Tegan and Sara. They were awesome. Easily one of the most fun shows I’ve been to. At first I thought it was a little quiet, but really it had just been a while since I’d been at a venue that has good acoustics, and forgot that a live show isn’t actually supposed to hurt your ears. It was a good night. The crowd was fun, we didn’t get lost getting to the theater, our handsome party somehow multiplied halfway through the night, we bought fun raccoon pins, we could see the stage, the opening acts were good.  And then of course there were Tegan and Sara who sounded amazing, sang most of our favorites, and were funny and entertaining on stage. My only disappointment was that they didn’t play their anticipated cover of Rhianna, but overall there was very little to complain about.

Tegan and Sara at State Theater, Minneapolis 10/11/08: (not my videos)

Burn your Life Down


Introducing Walking With A Ghost


And the cover we didn’t see…



If you play a good show you’re going to move up on my list, it’s pretty simple. Tegan and Sara put on a good show, and have elbowed their way a little higher into my oh-so-important hierarchy of musical taste.  Probably at this point, and maybe this is an impulsive comment I’m about to make because I’m coming off of a really fun weekend, I’d say that Tegan and Sara have momentarily bumped Rilo Kiley for my number one chick-fronted indie band.  Under the Blacklight was disappointing overall, and Jenny Lewis has hopped ship to another categories favorite as a solo artist, and anyway, I make changes like this all the time but don’t usually bother to write about them.  But this one seems kind of big, and here’s another big one: Sufjan Stevens is slipping.  He hasn’t released anything new in too long and he hasn’t toured, and it makes me sad to keep waiting for those things.  So the beautiful-voice-beautiful-face-and-beautiful-hearted-male-vocalist category is currently up for grabs.  Put your name in now!

There was a lot more that happened this weekend, and I’ll write more about it soon.  In the meantime, why do I lose things all the time?  Remember those racoon pins I mentioned above?  Lost them.  The cord to connect my camera?  Lost them.  My cell phone?  Lost it again!  Lame.

Edit: Laura found my pins 🙂

And okay, I had to add this one, since today (Monday) IS Cananadian Thanksgiving:



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