Triple dog.

Sunday, October 19th, 2008

I can’t sleep.  Because I’m excited.  Because I think I want to be a cartoonist.  Like, the kind of cartoonist who draws a new comic every day, and then puts them up on her website because she is empowered enough to know that self-publishing is not failure but complete belief in one’s own message (paraphrased; another brilliant comment that Mike Konopacki made today).  I know, a new comic every day sounds like a lot, especially when you consider that I can barely handle my current workload, which includes (among other things) a new comic every month (unless I request a month off!)  So maybe I’ll start out smaller, and build.  Maybe I’ll wait until I this semester is over and I have some free time.  Maybe, maybe, maybe.  All I know is that when I write things here it feels something like a challenge, like someone is daring me not to eat my words.  So all right, it’s a dare.  I can take a dare.

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