But for you who fear my name.

Tuesday, November 18th, 2008

Sometimes I hear people who have recently met the love of their life say things like, “I wasn’t even looking for love, it just happened.” Or maybe something like, “I couldn’t have imagined anything so perfect,” or even, “All my life has been building toward this moment!” I’m about to tell you that I’ve become one of those people, but before you get too excited about some new romance I should quickly make the point that I’m referring to an album, not a person. I had never heard of The Welcome Wagon, nor their debut album Welcome to the Welcome Wagon. This music came into my life when I wasn’t looking for it, certainly wasn’t expecting it, but here, I’ll say it: I couldn’t have imagined anything so perfect. I’ll let you read the official website for a far better description than I could come up with. I know I’m being dramatic, but I feel like I’ve just been connected with something I was meant to hear and love and cherish for all times. Who needs romance when a record like that exists?

Download Sold! To the Nice Rich Man


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