Living no longer listlessly.

Friday, January 2nd, 2009

I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to admit to myself that I am a list-person.  If it weren’t for my daily checklist at work I would not get a single thing accomplished. Part of this is my sub-par memory, part of this is my penchant for procrastination, part of this is my scattered and attention deficient brain, and part is probably just laziness.  Four equal parts, adding up to perfect disharmony.  Making my checklist at work is the only way I am productive.

So while I may get things done at work, I cannot say the same happens at home.  I treat all of my time away from work as free-time, and if something comes to mind that I need to tend to I think, “Oh, I will get to that,” and usually I don’t.  This is why my apartment is often a mess, my bills and rent are often paid late, my body is out-of-shape, and, well, do I need to give you the whole list of my shortcomings?  The point is, I’ve finally admitted that it might be beneficial if I started keeping a checklist at home as well.  Having nothing to do with the New Year or any kind of resolutions,  I started this practice yesterday.  Here is what my list included yesterday:

*take out recyclables
*empty/load dishwasher
*upack from Christmas
*burn CD for ___
*lunch/shopping w/D
*locate 3rd manatee book
*exercise 15 minutes
*floss teeth

I managed to complete all of the items with two minor compromises (I brought out half of the recyclables this morning when I left for work, and I only exercised 10 minutes, because I couldn’t think of any more exercises to do in my apartment!)  While I was out with D I mentioned this new practice and how perfect a system it was.  I went on to suggest that it was so complete that I would even put down “Die” on the day that I would die.  D wondered how I would check “Die” off the list if I were dead.  I said that I would arrange it so that I would check the down stroke of the checkmark the moment before I died, and then die somehow upside down so that gravity would complete the upstroke.  I meant this in a cleverly morbid Agatha Christie sense, not some creepy suicidal sense.  And anyway, I suppose the system is still imperfect since I never checked off when I was born or a gazillion other important life events.  But yes, I think I am going to start living by my checklist.   It will be a good thing.

Write blog… check.


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