Oh, hands.

Thursday, March 12th, 2009


Not to throw myself a pity party, but really, it can be so frustrating! Spilling milk on myself is one thing, but it affects my artwork. I am never going to be one of those artists who can use a brush in a beautiful way. For these comics I’m forced to use felt tip pens and markers because then I can apply enough pressure to have some control over my line. I know, I can already hear my former drawing professor telling me to embrace the happy accidents, to let its unpredictability work in my favor. And, as I admitted to coworkers earlier today, my shaky hands did force me to reinvent the way I paint (throwing out the paintbrush altogether). But right now it just looks sloppy. Here’s me, with a brush, and as always, shaky hands:


For line quality like this, I may as well go back to using my Wacom! Or maybe it’s just a matter of practice. And maybe another thyroid test.

(P.S. Before you say, “That second comic looks just fine!” keep in mind there was no amount of detail in it. If I had tried to draw my sandwich using a brush, for instance, it would have turned into a meatloaf.)


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