Cartwheels in the capital.

Wednesday, May 13th, 2009

A month or two ago, Wisconsin revealed its stupid, unoriginal, and slightly embarrassing new logo and slogan:

On an evening stroll through my neighborhood I saw a tavern had posted this response:


It’s unfortunately a much more accurate summary of our state’s culture of overindulgence, so that’s kind of pathetic, but I still found it a dang funny response to a ridiculous waste of tax-payer dollars.  Live like you mean it? Oh right, by doing a cartwheel! Wisconsin just sounds so enticing – I want to go to there! Sorry, I feel that discussions about ineffective and/or obnoxious advertising is one place where sarcasm is warranted.

Also on my neighborhood walk, the marquee makes it official! Get excited…


I love my little neighborhood. And sometimes I love my state. Like today… come on state legislature, you can do it! Pass that smoking ban!


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