Space Change.

Friday, May 22nd, 2009

085052209 Something I’ve been paying extra attention to lately is how comic artists change space by using different visual clues. Obviously we can tell when a face is shown close up because it is larger, it fills more of the picture plane. But also there tends to be more inclusion of detail. Or, by the converse, that detail is lost in a medium or wide shot, which results in cute little dot eyes and much simpler shapes. I kind of like those little dot eyes, but in a close shot they can look ridiculous. I first noticed it years ago when I was reading Craig Thompson’s Blankets. His medium shots feature dot eyes, and then there was this page where he suddenly cut to a close up of the main female’s eyes in stark detail. It was gorgeous. But I mean, it was Craig Thompson.

Well, anyway, it’s fun to play with this stuff.


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