Joys of legitimate internet.

Wednesday, September 16th, 2009

Did you guys know that I don’t use the frinternet anymore? For new readers, or readers who need to be reminded, “frinternet” was a term I coined which means free-internet, which means, stealing…er, borrowing, wireless. Not to be confused with “internot,” another term I invented which describes the phenomenon of not being able to find a wireless signal to scam. All caught up? Try to integrate these words into your daily conversations. Okay!

Anyway, I don’t use the frinternet anymore because I am tapped into a bonafide, paid-for, reliable wireless connection. Not to imply that I am the one paying for it, but I have the full blessing of the signal owner (my housemate) to use it, and I’d argue that a portion of my rent could be considered part payment. Can I just tell you how nice it feels to be able to carry my laptop around to anywhere in the house? Not to have to perch on my elbows over the kitchen sink hoping that “Moe’s Bar” is a hearty two bar signal on any given night? Not to frustratedly slam my laptop shut or jam the wireless adapter in and out of the USB as if it were either of their faults? (Poor guys!) Today I was going to show Jen something online and the internet wasn’t working. I was able to say, “I’m sure it’s just a temporary issue with your provider,” which ended up being the case, and it just felt refreshing to be on the up-and-up, to know that this was a service we were entitled to, and the only reason it wasn’t being provided was because of some non-discriminating glitch. There is something very nice about legitimate internet, so nice that I’m tempted to pen another phrase for it. Legitiminternet. Go ahead, say it out loud. It feels good.


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