Two from Friday:Taste the plastic rainbow!

Saturday, October 23rd, 2010

I don’t think I’ve added him to my links page yet (I’m not what you’d call “on top of things” with this website) but you can check out Zech’s website here. Also, he started a comic of his own a while back which is found here. I kind of stole this most recent punchline out from under him, woops!

Miss you Z!

Also, I need to clean off my scanner bed.

Also, I drew a handful of comics while I was in Wisconsin and on the road back… I’ll start posting them here, so for a little while things will be out of order. We’ll get through it, I believe in us!

Meanwhile, here are a few non-Easel road comics:

AND why not, here’s a vacation photo. Me and Zech and Vince Lombardi!

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