Wednesday, October 26th, 2011

Well, I’ve done it before so this shouldn’t shock you, but I’m going to step away from the diary comics for a bit. For one thing, I’m hardly doing them on a regular basis. For another, they’re actually holding me back a little, I think. Let me explain. Each diary comic takes about an hour of my time (no really!) when you figure in all the steps: ideation, pencil drawing, inking, scanning, editing, and posting. At various times in my life it’s really good to have that pattern, that exercise, and that outlet. But right now I’m feeling like it’s actually taking away from time that would be better spent in my sketchbook – really pushing myself to become a better illustrator, which is my perceived weak spot (between writing and illustration, that is.) The drawings in the diary comics are great for what they are, but I’ve kind of settled on a visual language that works and no longer push myself to make an impressive image. Heck, even the drawings at the very beginning were more elaborate than they are now. Which is fine, because simplifying has let me tell stories more efficiently, but at this point it’s not my storytelling that needs the exercise, it’s my drawing.

But fear not! I plan to keep posting content here as I draw it. I’m going to loosely follow the pattern of “Nouns,” which are, of course, people, places, things, and ideas. So, starting with people, today’s sketch is a self portrait – it’s me! (You might not have guessed, since the hair in my comic remains much shorter.) I was recently sold on a new brush pen, mainly because they stopped selling refills to my old one. I keep feeling torn between brushed line and a finer felt-tipped line. Today the brush won out.

Thanks for being understanding of yet another comics break. It’s not forever, just for a while.