Buy Picket Line, Support the IPRC

Friday, September 7th, 2012

Update: I’m extending the IPRC benefit through today, Monday September 10th. All profits from Picket Line sales today will benefit the IPRC (read on for details.)

Today is Friday, and you know what that means…. it’s a SBPLMSCDH charity day! Today the Independent Publishing Resource Center (IPRC) will receive all of the profits from today’s sales of Picket Line. To sweeten the deal, Picket Line remains on sale at half price, which means for a mere $10 you get an autographed graphic novel (free domestic shipping!) and the knowledge that you have helped support a really rad organization.

Preview the book!

Just what is the IPRC? Well, they can tell you all about themselves, but from my experience it is one of the coolest things Portland has to offer. It’s a non-profit that empowers people of all ages to create, publish, and distribute their own books, zines, pamplets, comics, poems, stories, manifestos and so forth. They offer workshops for youth, classes for all skill levels, and super rad workspace. They also have one of the largest zine libraries in North America which anyone can check materials out from.

I have spent a fair share of time at the IPRC and can strongly vouch for the value of what they do. People come in struggling with creative blocks and leave with a tangible expression of their unblocked creativity. People collaborate, get inspired by one another, and discover their voice. Personally I have used the IPRC to create my mini-comics and a few other zines. I also used the IPRC to prepare my Picket Line materials when I was applying for the Xeric. The staff and volunteers are helpful and very encouraging. I’d venture to say they are responsible for a whole lot of print culture that is coming out of Portland, and a whole lot of people whose lives have been improved by the opportunity to express themselves.

Here’s a video where I was interviewed at the IPRC.


Buy the book, and support the IPRC. (Act now! I’ll count all sales through midnight, PST, Friday October 7.)