Sunday, May 12th, 2013

Couldn’t fit ’em in the comic, but here are a few things I love about my mom. She is thoughtful, caring, creative, so funny, clever, curious, positive, understanding, patient, loyal, supportive, wise, fun, smart, talented, and of course loving. I’ve learned so much from her and I really do hope you all get a chance to meet her at some point (she WILL be in Portland soon…)

As for all the other mothers I know and love, this comic couldn’t even fit them all! I married into a great family (love to Aunt Jannie, Aunt Lynette, Aunt Kathy, Grammy Bard, cousin Jenae, my new sisters Connie and Beth) my own cousins who are moms (Laura, Michelle, Jessica), and of course all of my friends who are mom’s who I couldn’t even begin to name. Definitely appreciate all that you all do!


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