Monday, February 3rd, 2014


Folks, today is the 5 year anniversary of Easel Ain’t Easy, and this here is the 500th comic! I realize the Myers Briggs joke might be a little obscure if you’re not a nerd about personality tests, but personally I think it’s the perfect way to round out the first 500. (You can figure out your Myers Briggs with this test, then come back and this comic might be funnier.)

I’m not going to blabber on and on about how much this project has challenged me, but I will say an enormous THANK YOU to all of you who have read and shared these over the years. This comic wouldn’t be nearly as fun if I didn’t have amazing family, friends, and fans to receive my comic transmissions, so thank you for your support and participation. To those in my life who have become characters here, you are incredibly good natured and I appreciate each of you. Most especially I want to thank my husband Zech. He came into this comic around the 1 year point and it has only gotten better for all his jokes, insights, and handsome mugging. Our cat Charlie was a pretty good addition too (for the record I’d guess he’s a more tempermental ISFP.)

What’s next? Well, quite a bit hopefully. I’ll keep drawing these comics, and maybe some longer “memoir” comics. Hopefully a print version of the first 5 years will be around the corner. I continue to work on my second graphic novel (I’m three chapters into illustrating at this point). I’ve got my illustration site up and running, so feel free to throw a job my way. And I’m working on one other collaborative project that I’m excited to unveil, but not quite yet. A cartoonist has to keep a little mystery around her, after all.

For old time’s sake, here’s the comic that started it all 5 years ago. You can read the rest in the archive.



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