New Tools!

Thursday, December 18th, 2014


It’s the dawn of a new era! I recently bit the bullet and bought a Surface Pro 3, and loaded it with Manga Studios 5. Can I get a WOOP!? I’m pretty excited. HOWEVER – the reality of the learning curve has hit me over the past few days as I’m playing around. With every new tool we must invest hours of time learning and training in their proper use, but dang, I just want to bust some moves! I did the above sketch pretty quickly (I mean, considering I’m at the bottom of said learning curve right now) if only to have a point of reference, 6 months from now, when I can look back and chuckle at my newb-dom. The brushes used above are the ones that come straight outta the box, and I have to say, I really miss my Kyle Webster Photoshop brushes! These MS brushes are nice and blendy, and mix color on paper the way you never could with actual watercolor, which is kind of fun to mess with, but I miss the texture and true-to-life handling of Kyle’s brushes.  Of course you can customize the MS brushes to your heart’s content, but I’m looking forward to scoring some of these Frenden brushes I hear so much about. Why reinvent the wheel? Anyway, I’ll post samples along the way, and maybe even get around to drawing some more comics with this thing! Or at least some fan art… I’m overdue on some fan art. Batman!