Maybe I’ll make the 2015 list?

Sunday, December 7th, 2008

In case you’re interested, NPR has chosen the best graphic novels of 2008.  My brother saw me looking at these and said, “Is that your competition?” Sure, it’s my competition in the way that a kid who tosses the football with Dad is competing against Brett Favre.  But hey, Tony Romo grew up watching Brett Favre, and look at them both now!  Sorry to carry the football analogy so far.  It is Sunday. Anyway.  Go graphic novels, yeah!

This election we will sing.

Saturday, January 5th, 2008

I’ve recently turned the dial on my clock radio a bit so instead of waking up to the noncommittal fuzz of the space between AM radio stations (which is surprisingly soothing) I wake up to NPR. Boring, I know. Well, I can be a bore. Anyway, this morning was, of course, the morning after the Iowa Caucuses, and while I went to sleep last night unsure of who would emerge victorious, I was coaxed out of sleep by the strangely melodious chant of “Obama! Obama! Obama!” Only it wasn’t just an excited crowd of college students, it was a chorus. And it sounded like that moment in Evita when the masses are worked nearly into a frenzy chanting their heroine’s pet name in heavy, cascading minor chords. Can you imagine it? Just like in Evita, the effect of this chant made me slightly uneasy. Not that I wasn’t as tickled as the next person to hear that Hillary had come in third. Remember, Barack made my Voting-Based-On-Looks top 3. I guess I can’t talk about that outside of Superficial Mondays, can I? I guess what this means is it might be time for me to start looking at what various candidates actually stand for. I can’t promise that I’ll have anything terribly intelligent to say about the election at any point during this campaign season, although I have been trying to stay informed.

I probably make genuine political bloggers cringe.