You plagerize fantastically.

Tuesday, August 14th, 2007

Current sounds: Crickets, cicadas, cars, and perhaps something else that begins with a C.
Current atmosphere: A girl can wear shorts and a tshirt comfortably, but the occasional breeze reminds her she should soon be heading inside.
Current scents: Almost nothing… just a trace of summer, somehow.
Current sight: Twilight, a street light here or there–just close enough to necessary. Some kind of tree in our back yard which towers over this 3 story building and from this deck makes a girl wonder if she is actually sitting in a tree fort.
Current internet: A “borrowed” signal, weak but currently available, and so why not blog a few words to say that yes, we have an apartment and yes, I am planning to start painting some more despite very recently swearing it off. Yes, I had a chicken salad sandwich for dinner two nights in a row, but who really cares? If something is nutritious and also delicious, I say why not have it for dinner two nights in a row? Can anyone offer a good reason not to?

I didn’t think so.

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