Maybe I will enjoy this dental procedure afterall.

Wednesday, October 24th, 2007

Maybe longtime readers of this blog will remember a time last year when I wore a pink shirt to work, and nearly clawed the skin off of my face as a result? Well today I wore turquoise to the same effect. It’s strange, because I would have thought I could tolerate turquoise on my body, but it turns out I can’t. It’s not quite as debilitating as pink, but it’s close.

Also today, my cell phone broke into two pieces. It was hanging on by a thread for a while, but today it finally bit the dust. I was really looking forward to breaking it in half myself, in a kind of redemptive celebration after canceling my phone service forever, but phone, it seems, had other plans. Phone, it seems, would take even that satisfaction away from me.

There is one week left before NaNoWriMo kicks off. I could start a countdown. I remember another moment in blogging history (oh, to reminisce!) when I counted down to the day I got my braces off. Thinking about that makes me feel very grown up. Thinking about that makes my looming crown seem like a trophy: Here, you are an adult now! We will cap a tooth and hand you the bill!

Thinking about that is kind of nice, actually.