Little paintings made of ticky tacky.

Tuesday, December 4th, 2007

Are you kind of proud of me for posting every day so far this month? Kind of a little bit? Four days worth of proud?

I started working on a new painting this evening after work. Well, technically I had been working on it for the past couple months, dripping color onto the background, but today I really set in. Last year while I was painting my somewhat expressionistic and cartoonish variety of the human figure I thought on numerous occasions, “For what I’m doing here, I really ought to try using acrylic paint,” for I had been using oils. Well, I’ve since switched over to acrylics, largely due to my lack of ventilation, and I can’t maintain last years style. The paintings seem to have gone from expressionistic and cartoonish to just plain cartoonish. Not that I have a problem with cartoonish! I think cartoons are far more interesting than fine art. I would take cartoons any day. But I realize I’m a minority in saying so.

I have to cut this post short, my battery is about to die. I know, you’re so sad. Which is more dull, reading about painting styles or reading about a month long novel contest?