What percentage of blogs are titled “Random Thoughts” I wonder?

Monday, December 10th, 2007

Gmail is inviting us to share our Gmail stories. This is dumb, I think. They are just an email service. Or at least they used to be. I guess these days they are trying to be the next social monster. Everyone wants a cell phone that can play music and cook a turkey and knit a sweater. Gmail, you haven’t changed my life, you’re just an email service. But that’s all I ever wanted you to be. Stop changing on me.

I tried warming a cookie in the microwave just now but I burnt it. It smells pretty awful, like singed hair. Tomorrow I am leading a Christmas sing along for middle schoolers and senior citizens. I will be playing the guitar. I’m continuing to develop my new blog–I hope you’re getting excited. We’re supposed to have another snow storm tonight, which means I’ll keep my job for another day. I went to a Lutheran church tonight and it felt so comfortable, when we sang the Doxology and paused in all the right places, when we said the Lord’s Prayer and confessed our “Trespasses” and not our “Debts.” O Familiarity!

Stay warm, friends. Winter is long.