Yet another inaugural post.

Tuesday, December 11th, 2007

So here, this is the knife, making the first plunge into the freshly opened jar of peanut butter. Everyone envies that first dip into the glass-like, buttery surface. Kids fight wars over it. Mothers weep over it. The first post in a new blog gets a slightly less impassioned reaction, but for me it is still exciting.

Hello WordPress! Hello readers! Many adventures lie in wait, I am sure. It feels nice to be in this new space. It feels nice to have room to stretch out my arms and my legs. If you followed me here from Blogger, thank you for your loyalty! If you’re here from MySpace, greetings! If you arrived here from a random search or some other means, welcome! Please, always feel free to leave comments as I would like nothing more than to get to know who’s reading. And I really want to read your blog, so let me know about it! Okay, I’m going to cut this first post short since I’ve already used my alloted exclamation points for the day. Happy trails.