One thing about Forsythia.

Friday, December 21st, 2007

There is a new trend this winter: people break icicles off of their houses and stick them pointing upright out of a snowbank, like spikes. I like this. I probably shouldn’t–I’m sure it is dangerous, but I like the aesthetic. It’s about time we did something creative with our icicles, where previously the British have outdone us, or at least Andy Goldsworthy has:

Andy Goldsworthy is The Man, if I may say so. Remind me to scan pictures of a project I did based on his work. In fact, I’m going to spend ten minutes looking for those pictures right now…

Well, I couldn’t find them. And after I gave up looking I went to pick up some dinner, so actually it’s been more than ten minutes that have passed and I’m sure you are just dying to know what this Andy Goldsworthy project of mine looked like but you’ll just have to keep on waiting. For now I’ll just tell you it involved Forsythia and a pool of mud, and yes, a clumsy neighborhood dog did come very close to destroying my vision, but no, he did not prevail.

Edit: Greetings friends from around the globe–it seems that this is my most popular post, and probably you reached it by searching for Andy Goldsworthy, and maybe you were disappointed to find I didn’t have much more insight to offer on the genius of a man. But maybe you would still accept my invitation to visit the rest of my blog, simply by clicking the magic link which is here. Thanks!


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