Digitize, my love.

Friday, December 28th, 2007

There was a strange and wonderful tide of digital events today.  This morning I arose relatively early (by Christmas vacation standards) to get to work finishing my comic strip by its deadline, and I thought, “The past few times I’ve colored this using watercolors I was definitely underwhelmed,” and so the natural next turn was toward Photoshop.  After a half hour of fumbling around with my laptop’s touchpad my dear brother saw me and said, “Do you want to use my Wacom tablet?”  And I said, “Yes!”  And I forgot how much fun–and efficient!–it can be to Wacom.  And furthermore I’ve come to believe that staying in the lines while coloring is strictly for kindergarteners:

(Click image for a full view) I suppose you could call this a preview (pick up your copies of the Riverwest Currents this January!).  What, I didn’t tell you that my comic strip is about a blogger?  Hm.

Anyway, this evening I went to hang out with my friend Holly who gifted me with a “Finger Beats” drum machine, and later in the evening an old Yamaha keyboard, both of which couldn’t sound less like real instruments, but in the most exciting way.  Born in me were ideas for solo electronic projects or at least experiments.  I guess I’d put my money on “experiments.”

Somewhere in the middle of these two digital happenings my family and I took a trip to the zoo and I fed a cracker to a giraffe and watched an otter dive into a pool of near-frozen water and it was all very organic and I refreshing, with the snow and the cold air and the smells and noises of animals.    I think I’ll always prefer the organic world, but these occasional rendez-vous with the digital are kind of exhilarating.  Anyway, it was a nice day, and thanks for reading about it.