An alternate universe in which I received my Masters in Education.

Friday, January 4th, 2008

Oh crap, I just yelled at one of my friends for not reading my blog every day and then I realized that I haven’t been writing in this every day. Friend who I yelled at, if you’re reading this (and you’d better be!), I apologize.

Here is what I did today: I gave a workshop, of sorts, helping seniors to write their life story. To write a life story is no small task, especially when that life spans over 80 years, and of course it would take more than the hour that we had today, but I like to think we covered some ground. Hopefully these seniors will be able to spend some time getting their life experiences down on paper for surviving generations. You might be thinking, “How are you qualified to give a workshop on such a topic? You have no training in education nor have you ever written anything truly personal about yourself!” That is exactly what I was thinking before I opened my mouth in front of these seniors, but to my surprise there was this little teacher inside me just waiting to burst forth. Maybe I should have stayed in grad school back in the day. Maybe I would have made a decent educator after all.

I wonder how many English teachers require their students to keep a daily blog? If I were teaching that is something I would do. And I would read them, none of this Hillary Swank in Freedom Writers privacy business. I would say, “Students, you can choose between WordPress or Blogger or Livejournal but NO Xanga. You must write once a day at least three sentences and I will be reading them.” Maybe I would also make it a requirement that the students read my blog and leave comments–it may be the only way I ever get any comments.

I have more to say on all of this, but right now I’m off to bed.


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