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Tuesday, April 15th, 2008

I worked 13 hours today, which means I get to drink Mountain Dew after a late dinner and write in my blog at midnight and sleep in until noon if I feel like it. Ah, I love it. I don’t feel any strong desire to write right now, but I’m doing so anyway, dutifully, because these are habits one must establish if one intends ever to finish a creative project (which I intend very much so to do, someday). Probably I should be so disciplined in my painting studio and with my comic strip and with at least a dozen other areas of my life, creative or otherwise. Tonight though, discipline is being focused on the blog (which felt neglected over the weekend.)

If there was any neglect it was not out of spite, but simply for lack of time. We had six wonderful house guests this weekend, birthday celebrations, self-inflating air mattresses, collaborative art projects, pizza parties, church parties, hummus lessons, dress-up time, and finally, an art show. That last one was me, it was my art show at Mother Fool’s (or probably I should say the reception, since the show is up all month long, you can still check it out!) If you have never had an art show before I can tell you this: it is one surefire way to feel loved. So many of my friends and family came, it was just perfectly wonderful. And wonderfully perfect, simultaneously. Thanks so much to everyone who came out, down and over. Thanks again to Shawn for helping me hang things, and thanks to Emily for being my caterer/stylist/makeup artist and thanks to everyone, sheesh, just for being there or wishing you could. This is where they start playing that music which means “Okay, end your speech already and get off the stage.” Really, though, thanks!

What’s next, then? Aside from working 13 hour days at work (just kidding, that is not typical) there are some new ideas coagulating (I know that’s not the best word choice, but it’s now past 1:30–I’m really struggling through this!–and I don’t have the energy to search for the perfect words anymore). I don’t really want to spoil too many of these ideas before they are ripe for the pickin’ (again, it’s 1:30, give me a break) but one that I’m most excited about is a sweet little collaborative project, and the other is a public art project. “Everybody has a future.” Something that is not currently in the works: I would kind of like to be a part of an Art Gospel band, if there is such a thing. I’m pretty sure this won’t happen, but if I get a chance to bang on some drums in the next month or so, who knows. Maybe I’ll be overcome with inspiration. There are too many projects and too few hours in the days.

Well there, three paragraphs ought to do it. Can you remember life before the internet? I wonder if we could ever go back to that.  Hyperventilation.  I need to find a way to open an individual yogurt container without little bits of yogurt spitting onto my shirt.  Be blessed tonight or whenever you read this.


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