Summer is brain season. Grow yours!

Sunday, June 15th, 2008

Thank heavens for friends with internet! After a blissful year of borrowing (leeching?) an available wireless connection, the internet rug has, for the past four days, been pulled out from under me.  This won’t affect my writing patterns here any more than my already busy schedule does (did I mention I’m a student again?) but it does leave me feeling a little bit isolated.  Probably it’s a good thing, though.  One less distraction, and if it really is morally questionable to connect to an unprotected wireless signal that I’m not paying for, then it’s one less temptation in my life. 

Back to me being a student again, let me say, it’s wild.  Not in the freshman-year-party-like-you-don’t-have-a-sense-of-decensy type of wild, but in the brain expansion and attention challenging type of wild.  I’m in an intro to psych class which means a lot of technical and biological information in a short amount of time.  It means memorization and, as our professor reminds us, a lot of hard work. During one of our classes last week we were going through some particularly agonizing worksheets and I was actually holding my cranium in my hands. “My head hurts,” I told our professor, to which she responded, “That’s because your brain is growing.”

Can you believe that?  My brain is growing again!  It’s wild.  Science has never been a close friend of mine, but it’s really been managing to fascinate me (when it’s not overwhelming me).  School is cool, man.  Brains!

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