Beatrice Quimby takes the Bird Quiz.

Thursday, July 3rd, 2008

I’ll be in St. Louis this weekend visiting a dear friend, so let’s pretend it’s for that reason, and not the lack of internet, that I won’t be blogging.   Well actually, my visit is the main reason.  I wouldn’t waste a second of our time together on the computer, and that’s not to belittle my affection for blogging, but to emphasize how much I’m looking forward to this time with my friend!  Plus, as bonuses, I get to see one of my buddies in Milwaukee and another in Chicago on my way down.  Since I’ll be away for awhile, though, I wanted to leave you with a little something to chew on.  The Bird Survey.  (Feel free to leave your own answers in a comment!)

1. Where in the world do you live? I live in Madison, Wisconsin.

2. What kind of habitat do I live in? Madison is a unique habitat in that a large portion of the city is located on an isthmus (a strip of land between two large bodies of water).  The weather in Madison is fairly typical for a Midwestern city, with hot and humid summers and cold, white winters.  Madison is home to a variety of wildlife including humans and red-wing blackbirds.  Politically, the climate is fairly liberal.

3. What does my house look like? My house is a 3-flat in a nice neighborhood.  It looks like a pale yellow barn.  I like it.

4. What do I look like? I have two eyes and a mouth that smiles to reveal 28 teeth (one of them crowned).

5. What color am I? My skin is a Caucasian flesh-tone with somewhat of an olive cast.  I also have brown hair and grayish green colored eyes.

6. How big am I? I am fairly average in height for a female.

7. How much do I weigh? (Maybe birds don’t consider these types of questions too personal.)  I am fairly average here too.

8. What do I eat? I am an omnivore, which means that I eat both meat and plants (but probably a lot more plants).  My favorite types of food are spicy ones, particularly Mexican dishes and curry chicken.  I also love potatoes, avocados, and mangoes,

9. How do I protect myself from my enemies? I try to avoid any people or animals who would be hostile to me.  I try to diffuse potential aggression with kindness.  If I have to curl up in a ball and play dead I will do that also.

10. What is so interesting about me? Well, hopefully some of these interesting things have already been hinted at in other areas of this blog.  As far as birds go, I cannot fly, I don’t have a beak or even feathers.  I have never had a pet bird and I don’t usually feed the birds.  Sometimes I eat them (see question number 8).  I was once pecked violently in the head by an angry red-wing blackbird, and yes, I’ve been pooped on mid-flight.  But I like birds.  They are all right with me.

Birds.  Okay.

Maybe after this you’ll be happy I’ll be taking a few days off from writing.

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