Number anxiety.

Saturday, November 15th, 2008

I forget to pay my bills, sometimes. Or I forget to pay rent by the 1st of the month. I forget to take the garbage out on Monday night so that it will be picked up on Tuesday morning. That’s something I do really well, forgetting. So I can’t help but be a little impressed with myself for remembering that tonight is the night that Winter Parking rules come into effect in Madison. Tonight I remembered to move my car to the other side of the road, and avoided a $20 ticket! If I ignored the annoyance of having to go out in the cold to perform a single three point turn, it was kind of cute to see all of the other cars who had obediently lined up on the EVEN side of the road, as if the teacher had just announced a fire drill. Because tonight is the 15th, which means tomorrow morning at 1am it will be the 16th, an even number, thus we must park on the even side of the road.  Tomorrow, on the 16th, we’ll have to park on the ODD side of the road because 1am on Monday will be the 17th, an odd number. Get it?  It’s not even truly alternate parking, if you figure in the months that go from the 31st to the 1st (two nights in a row on the odd side of the street!)  Clearly it is a plan that has been designed to create revenue from parking tickets, not keep the streets plowed, because if I remember right from last winter the streets were rarely cleared in a timely or effective manor.  Ahh, winter, it begins.

Evens and odds… I’m not talking about parking rules anymore when I say that I tend to prefer even numbers.  I like 3 and 5 for odd numbers, and actually 7 is all right as well (consequently I’m not so fond of the evens 2, 4, and 6) but after 7 I’m all about the evens.  If someone gives me a mix CD that has 19 tracks I question if they really care about me.  Mix CDs MUST have an even number of tracks, 18 or 20 are the most common, but mixes with 16 tracks have a special quality to them.  I’d rather have a mix with 12 tracks than 19, even if it means sacrificing 5 great songs.  Odd numbers (after 7) give me panic attacks.  Full length albums with 11 tracks bug me the most (Jenny Lewis’s Acid Tongue is the most recent offender in my collection).  Albums with 15 tracks are okay, but usually too long.

I stay home on Saturday nights and write about parking and numbers.  This is a step up from watching the Night Rider remake, which I was doing earlier.  Anyway, it’s 9:09 which reminds me of California (SoCal, you get the reference, right?) and I’m graduating to an offline activity.  Happy Saturday!


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