I still like to type sometimes, besides.

Saturday, February 7th, 2009

Let me clarify something. What you saw here over the past few days was not a new daily comic, although I can understand why you might have thought it was, especially considering the references to a “daily comic” I made in various places, not excluding the very strip itself! I think I even had myself tricked for a bit. That’s not to say I don’t hope it becomes daily, but realistically speaking, the graphic version of blog posts that appeared this week are just that – graphic blog posts. They are comics, and I hope to make a lot of them, but at this point they are just an extension of this blog, not a replacement, and not a seperate project (at this point!).

So on a day like today when my apartment is a complete mess and I have some day-job spillover and I have an important planning session with Gwen about our upcoming art show (details here and more details on this blog soon) and my story draft has been feeling neglected, well, let’s just say it might not happen today.  I’d make some goal like “3 comics per week” or something like that, but goals are only good for disappointment. Actually I disagree completely with that statement in most cases, but here it works because this comic is just an experiment, yet another side project, and I can’t let my side projects overtake my main projects (the constant conflict in my life). Which is not to say I’m making excuses already, I’m going to find time for this or MAKE time. But I don’t want to feel like a failure if I miss a few days, so there.

That said, enjoy the comics when they come!