Van Rossum kids and car-ride sketches.

Sunday, April 19th, 2009

Our vacation was so great! I thought about drawing comics while I had the extra time (and there were plenty of moments that would have made great comics – our “lovely” GPS Annie alone provided enough material for weeks of frustrated, manic laughter… and then there was our harrowing unpaved mountain top car ride, and the exploding golf ball, and the RV that was engulfed in flames, and… ) but then I decided to just relax and enjoy the week and REALLY take a vacation.  But I realize I forgot to post this one before I left like I said I would… this is a comic I made for Meagan for her birthday:


Also, here are a couple sketches I did during our 12 hour drive.


This guy is a character from my graphic novel, which I have an announcement about but which I’ll hold off on for now. Anyway, that’s probably not the style I’ll be drawing my story in, but I wanted to do it that way.


We saw a bunch of wildlife on our vacation (black bear with her cubs, elk, cutie little baby raccoon, stray cats, heron, vultures, etc) but I don’t remember seeing any crying bunnies. So of course I had to draw some!

Dailies will be back tomorrow!


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