Distractions, Southern contractions.

Wednesday, October 14th, 2009

Seems it’s been a while since I’ve written anything in this here blog section of my website. After all the great pains we took to set it up! So here I am again, fighting off the urge to finish this sentence with the remainder of those fine Whitesnake lyrics (if I had a dollar for every time I had to resist quoting Whitesnake…) and it’s time to BLOG!

First, another progress report. Despite a multitude of pleasant and adventurous distractions (more on these in a moment) I’ve been moving along with the book. I’m working on pages 25-29, which would wrap up the introduction and chapter one. Not to suggest I’m almost finished with the introduction and chapter one, as I still need to go back and finish a lot of the pages which are at various levels of completion. But I don’t think it’s unrealistic to say that by the end of this month, I should have the first little installment of my book finished! Don’t quote me on that, it’s not an official deadline, but maybe an unofficial goal.

I haven’t gotten much farther on the Easel Ain’t Easy zine, but hopefully that will happen this month as well. And that about wraps up the progress report, so let’s move on to the fun stuff: the distractions! Last week our friends the travelin’ boys rolled into town with a few new friends in tow. We celebrated their arrival with an early Thanksgiving dinner, and have been pretty much enjoying life this entire week. That enjoyment has included a trip to the Oregon coast, Multnomah Falls, and a variety of other home cooked meals.(Photos here.)

On Sunday I joined some other friends to check out a show which was part of Portland Open Studios. Ryan Kennelly is an amazing painter and a great guy, and it’s refreshing to see someone so passionate about painting (my last experience with a painter, of course, was myself, which wasn’t exactly inspiring considering I was so tired of it.) I especially love this painting of the Sound Ghost gang:

ryan's art

Other news, my good friend Reem recently awarded me with a Simply Fabulous award, which is an honor in itself, but even more touching were the words she presented it with. Not to ring my own school bell, but here’s the quote:

Easel Aint Easy. Oh Breena. Where do I ever start with Breena? I think we’re secretly the same person. Ridiculously talented, both artistically and musically, and undoubtedly one of the kindest and most loving people I know, Breena simply rules. She recently moved out to Portland to work on her graphic novel (can you say BADASS?) and has a fantastic site with her blog, her comic, her music, and many other wonderful things. I admire Breena so much and wish every day we could hang out more. Her comics are posted near daily, so if you subscribe, you get a lovely little surprise drawing in your inbox all the time! Fantastic.

🙂 Thank you so much Reem! Now, y’alls, go read her blog, as she is hilarious and entertaining, and just won a toilet, for crying out loud!

Finally, I’m looking forward to another adventure this weekend, as I’m driving down to San Francisco with my friend Jacquelyn who is running the San Fran Marathon! Yeah!

Alright, I suppose those are enough updates, although I’m sure I’m forgetting something. But that will just force me to get in here and write some more! Hope you are all enjoying the cold fall weather (I couldn’t bring myself to say “y’all” twice in one post…)

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