Jumbly dates.

Saturday, November 7th, 2009

You might notice that the dates on my comics (the handwritten ones) don’t always match up with the posting date that is published with each entry. This is because sometimes I cheat, and draw the comics after the fact, and then try to post them on a previous day, or schedule postings a few days in advance, and my brain can’t really manage keeping all of the dates in order. If I’m regular I can just draw the comic, post it on the same day, and the dates will agree, no problem. But things are a little complicated right now since I’m out of state and using someone else’s scanner and also busy with family stuff. I’m trying not to leave you hanging while I’m gone, though, isn’t that nice of me? But yeah, if you use this comics schedule as any kind of compass or personal calendar (dear goodness!) please be mindful of the irregularities.