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Monday, December 28th, 2009

Well, thanks to the prodding of some faithful readers, I was going to attempt to draw comics right through my Christmas vacation. However, enough other stuff has come up that comics would only be stressful, and there is no room for stress in vacation! Meanwhile, though, I’ve been working with Shawn on some Easel Ain’t Easy animated vignettes, so you can look forward to that down the road. Comics shall return with regularity in the new year, and maybe a few before then, if I can find a few spare hours in what remains of 2009.

Also, I had a comic featured in the IPRC Zine, “Hamburger to Hotdog.” I haven’t seen it yet, being in Wisconsin, but I just heard from my ever-rad assistant Olga that it is now available to the public. Look for it wherever zines are found, I guess? I’ll post more info when I learn it. And why not a link to the IPRC, because they rock.

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