CHecking in.

Thursday, January 21st, 2010

Oh my, I haven’t written in the dusty old blog for ages. Ages!

So, what to say. I’m still at work on the graphic novel, nearing the 1/4 mark (eesh, better not to mention milestones until it’s at least the halfway point!). I’ve got my assistant Olga back after a nice long Christmas break for both of us. I’ve got an Easel Ain’t Easy animation project in the works with my brother Shawn. I’ve got plans to eventually get more issues of my zines printed, including all new volumes 6 and 7. I’m nearing the one year anniversary of drawing this comic!

I’m still loving Portland, including the absolute lack of a winter thus far. I plan on getting my bike out soon and getting more comfortable with her. I dunno. Everything else you can learn from the comic I guess. Who needs words when you can have words and pictures???

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