Graphic Novel Previews!

Tuesday, April 6th, 2010

Someone finally wagged a stick at me, per my instructions (thanks Luke!) so here are some more drawings to peek at. I realized I haven’t posted much in the way of a preview of my graphic novel yet, so here are a few select panels. If you’re one who is holding out until the whole book is done you might want to skip this post, but I don’t think there is anything remotely resembling a spoiler here.

Okay, the Select:

Some scenery shots…

picket line preview 01

Some characters, and my custom font thanks to Nate!

picket line preview 02

Haven’t dropped the dialogue into this page yet…

picket line preview 03

Creating worlds… there is so much overlap between making comics and playing The Sims!

picket line preview 04

Here’s a full page, also without the dialogue added yet.

picket line preview 05

So, there’s your first preview! I’m also working on some other illustrations that I should hopefully be able to post soon. But keep that stick ready just in case…


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