Stick in the digital mud

Friday, July 16th, 2010


Strange that I’m such a fan of my daily comic being a (mostly) online-only affair, but the idea of putting my graphic novel out online seems really unappealing. Not that I’m opposed to it, in fact, part of me – the part that wants everyone to be able to read it – is kind of into it. But I think that since all of MY favorite graphic novels have been books that I could curl up with, feel the texture of paper and ink against my fingers as I flipped hungrily through the pages, has left me with similar expectations for my book. Nothing says I have to put it online, or that I couldn’t do both, but I can be a big sighing baby sometimes when I think of how fast the world is changing, that I would even have to consider something called an IPAD (caps for effect, not out of ignorance) when making decisions about publication.  Eesh.

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