Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

Folks, I am learning the meaning of an “honest day’s work.” This editing business is exhausting! But, I’ve got two chapters behind me and just seven wee chapters to go. That alone would make for a full plate, but there are about a hundred little side projects floating around at the same time. Which, I’d beg you to understand, is why the frequency of comics here on this site has taken a dramatic dip. No, a dramatic plunge. Nearly into oblivion!

Some things you can start looking forward to, though, if you’re one for looking forward:

* A completed graphic novel. We are so close!

* A new website!

* New, semi-regular, multi-panel comics (with that strange cast of characters you’ve come to like, kind of.)

* Videos!

* A musical compilation (I’m gonna hold back details on this one for now.)

* Merch!

* And! And! And! What, is that not enough?

Fo rils though, big things coming. Stay tuned.