Exile Poster Project 2011

Monday, April 25th, 2011

Here is one of the projects that I mentioned last week. It’s my submission for the Exile Poster Project, a show presented by Imago Dei and curated by Martin French. The show’s intention is to shed light on a particularly troubling issue in Portland: the sexual exploitation of children.

My statement:

A daughter is drifting away. Whether enticed, coerced, or enchanted makes no difference. Once her feet are off the ground she has little control, and little assurance that she’ll land, once again, within the innocence of her youth. She needs rescue. She needs a Shepherd to tirelessly track her down and return her safely to the flock. The Shepherd, instead, sends the flock. With nothing but the loving command to love, this flock will not rest while a little one is in danger. They will toil for her. They will groan in their efforts, and sweat as they struggle against the ruthless pull, but they will not relent. They share the burden and, with a shepherd’s resolve, they hold fast, whatever the cost. This is a community. This is a family. This is rescue.

The opening reception is tomorrow night,  so stop by if you can! Prints of varying sizes will be available for sale, and all proceeds are being donated to the Imago sponsored shelter for victims being rescued out of child sex trafficking. My boyfriend Zech is also submitting a poster, as are about 15 other Portland artists. Come see us!

Exile Poster Project | Opening Reception
Tuesday, April 26
6-9 p.m.
Imago Art Space
512 NW 9th St, Portland, Oregon


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