New site! Same dry cat food.

Wednesday, May 18th, 2011

So many thanks to Zech Bard for his work on this design, and to Arek Miaskowski for his expert coding. Seriously, these guys are amazing to work with and I couldn’t sing high enough praises here without sounding a bit ridiculous. Also, thanks to Nick Cox for the font loan! We’ve been working on this new site for months now, so it feels great to get it up and running. Take a look around, explore, get comfortable. Some areas you might be particularly interested in:

* The Comics page, which contains all of the Easel Ain’t Easy comics from 2009 to present.

* The Cast of Characters page, which lists all of the characters from the comic.

* An Illustration portfolio, featuring some of my work outside of comics.

* A store, in which you will soon find my very first graphic novel, available this summer.

And as always, you can follow EAE on twitter, like it on facebook, and subscribe to the RSS feed.

Thanks so much for your continued interest in this site. Comics without readers are just silly pictures.


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