How to help me.

Thursday, September 8th, 2011
Fact: Cute dogs sell books!

I want to pause for a moment and thank everyone who has already bought Picket Line. It’s so exciting to see my book getting out there, after spending years holed up working on it. I feel really grateful for everyone’s support.

Finishing the book was a huge accomplishment. Winning the Xeric is something I will be proud of all my life. But we’re just getting started. Unfortunately, completing a graphic novel and winning an award doesn’t make for a life of coasting. Actually, there is nothing unfortunate about that – it would be boring if all my work was behind me. I’m energized by the challenges that I now face: Working on my second graphic novel. Updating this website with engaging content. Managing a business. Growing a business and promoting my book. That last part is the one that I’ve really been focusing on.

Right now, you can buy my book online, but you can also buy it at a few local Portland stores (Bridge City Comics, Floating World, and Powell’s). You can also buy it anywhere in the world from If you’re thinking about buying my book, it would be just as helpful to buy it from one of those stores. In fact, right now it would almost be more helpful, as that begins to create a demand for the book. If you live in another city, ask your favorite comics shop or bookstore to carry the book (you can give them this link).

Right now it’s crucial that I get the word out. If you’ve already purchased a copy, there are still ways you can help me get this baby off the ground:

* Recommend the book for your book club.
* Suggest that your library carry it.
* If you teach a comics or literature class, consider assigning the book to your students (or if you are a student, let your professor know about it.)
* If you write for a blog or magazine, contact me about getting a review copy.
* Contact me about doing an interview or speaking engagement.
* Write a review on Powell’s or Goodreads.
* And keep telling your friends and family about it. Get your Christmas shopping done early this year!
* If you are feeling extra motivated, email me about being part of my “street team,” and we’ll get crazy creative with our promotional tactics.

It’s been a thrill getting this far, but we’re not finished. I can’t say enough how thankful I am for everyone’s help and support this far. I don’t write this post to beg for help, rather to invite you to be involved in this process with me! Okay, it’s a little bit begging, but mostly it’s an invitation. Let’s blow this book up! Not literally. Unless, you know, you’ve already paid for it, then go ahead 🙂

Email me if you’d like to be part of the Picket Line “Street Team!”