Person: Grandma

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

This is my grandmother in Chicago, when she was 21 years old, looking like a movie star on a Lake Michigan beach. She’s an amazing woman, as no line drawing could possibly capture. Of course I wasn’t born at the time this photo was taken, but I have a lot of great memories with my grandmother at Lake Michigan. When I was just a year older than she was here, I spent part of my summer receiving jaw surgery, and then the rest of that summer recovering. When I was just a few days out of the hospital, my mom and grandma took me to the beach where we had spent so many summer days as kids, Point Beach near Two Rivers, Wisconsin. The sun was twinkling brightly off the waves as we nestled our beach chairs into that familiar mix of warm sand and bark and pebbles. Before us seagulls swooped. Behind us, leafy birch trees rustled in the breeze, and though I myself couldn’t talk, I enjoyed the comforting sound of these lovely women in conversation. I’m convinced that nothing heals the body – and the spirit – like a sunny day at the beach, and my grandma must have known that.


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