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Tuesday, September 4th, 2012

All right, here’s the scoop. Next month, in October, I’m getting married! I can’t remember if I ever announced that here, but it’s true. To this amazing guy. This makes me very, very 🙂

Here’s the other part of the scoop. Coinciding with the marriage, I will be moving. Now I could move all of my remaining copies of Picket Line with me, but I’d rather like to clear out as much of my stock as possible, so we’re not stacking our dishes on top of boxes and what not. So, here is the deal:

This September is officially Super Blowout Picket Line Moving Sale and Charity Drive Hooray! Or, SBPLMSCDH for short. (Try pronouncing that, it’s fun.)

1. This September: Picket Line is available to EVERYONE with the wholesale discount. What does that mean? It means 50% off list price! It means you can get Picket Line for only $10!! And, since I really need to clear these out, I’m going to offer free domestic shipping, which means this is the BEST price that has ever been offered for this single-printing-limited-edition-xeric-winning book EVER! I feel like I should be filming an infomercial about this. This is a great chance to stock up on Holiday gifts so you don’t have to go shopping in December (if you leave me a note with your order I can include a personalized signature to the recipient.) This is a great chance to bring some books to your local youth center or school library and encourage kids to keep reading. It is also a chance to help me out and make moving a lot easier next month. Buy your copy(ies) now!

2. Did I mention this is also going to be a Charity Drive? Every Friday this month I will donate 100% of profits (minus shipping costs) to a local non-profit. If you want to get the book for cheap AND help support the youth and arts in Portland and beyond, this is a great way to do it. Here is the Charity Drive schedule:

Friday, September 7 – All proceeds from sales of Picket Line will benefit the Independent Publishing Resource Center (IPRC).  “The IPRC’s Mission is to facilitate creative expression, identity and community by providing individual access to tools and resources for creating independently published media and artwork.”

Friday, September 14 – All proceeds from sales of Picket Line will benefit Vibe of Portland. Vibe’s mission is “Empowering Portland’s Youth through Art & Music. We believe that art and music can lift, inspire and beautify us all. This is why we provide and environment where Portland’s youth can discover, experience and learn about their own artistic passion.” Vibe offers music and art programs for students whose schools have cut their creative programs.

Friday, September 21 – All proceeds from sales of Picket Line will benefit The Mentoring Project. “The Mentoring Project (TMP) is an advocacy and training organization that serves as a liaison between faith communities and matching agencies to provide mentors for fatherless youth. Through dynamic church trainings, national mentor recruitment, and the creation of sustainable mentoring communities, The Mentoring Project seeks to rewrite the story of the fatherless generation.”

Friday, September 28 – TBA. Who could it be???

3.) And finally, nothing would make me happier than having Picket Line in every school, classroom, and public library. If there was an easy way to do this, I would have already, but it seems that it takes the right connection to get a book in the system. If you are in anyway connected to a school or library, please let me know and we can work together to get Picket Line in the  hands of any student who wants to read it.

Please share this information with anyone who might be interested. This is the big push. Picket Line celebrated its one year birthday in August, and now it’s time to send it off to college or something (little books grow up fast!) Happy September, and thanks for your support!

Buy now! Buy often! Buy them all!


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