Tuesday, June 18th, 2013

Hi there. So, here’s a little in-progress work from my next book. I’ve been posting updates every now and then on Instagram but thought I’d finally share something here too! (Not to hold out on you guys, it’s just so simple to post to Instagram. My user there and on Twitter is EaselAintEasy if you’d like to follow along.) ┬áBasically I’ve got the first 25 pages or so inked and the rest of the book written, so things will keep moving along at a decent clip now. I’ve been thinking about adding color to this book and am just playing around with it at this point. Here’s today’s play:

I’m realizing just how long it takes to color (and I didn’t even add shadows or anything yet!) as this took me the better part of the afternoon to do one page. The third image – the monochrome one – was a quick study, just to see what it might look like (Z said it looks like night vision, haha). The full-color version is clearly the liveliest, but, well, did I mention it takes a long time? Okay okay, no more whining. I’m happy with how it’s all been coming along so far. I’ll try to post more updates than I have been!