Where the comics are.

Monday, December 28th, 2009

Well, thanks to the prodding of some faithful readers, I was going to attempt to draw comics right through my Christmas vacation. However, enough other stuff has come up that comics would only be stressful, and there is no room for stress in vacation! Meanwhile, though, I’ve been working with Shawn on some Easel Ain’t Easy animated vignettes, so you can look forward to that down the road. Comics shall return with regularity in the new year, and maybe a few before then, if I can find a few spare hours in what remains of 2009.

Also, I had a comic featured in the IPRC Zine, “Hamburger to Hotdog.” I haven’t seen it yet, being in Wisconsin, but I just heard from my ever-rad assistant Olga that it is now available to the public. Look for it wherever zines are found, I guess? I’ll post more info when I learn it. And why not a link to the IPRC, because they rock.

The Quickest Way.

Saturday, May 16th, 2009

Just had our second Animarathon at Kyle’s (animation marathon… zing!) and I felt moved to share this super short cartoon I did a few years back (2006).

In all things, an amateur 🙂


August is over, on to December.

Monday, December 1st, 2008

Oh no!  Well, I finished my twice compromised challenge and completed my one chapter before November’s end, and I have every ambition to keep on with the graphic novel. But!  Another project has crept up on me and seized my attention.  This would be a short-film involving animation AND live action (I wish that didn’t immediately conjure up thoughts of Roger Rabbit, as this will be a much quieter film) and I have no idea what in my schedule will be sacrificed to make the time for this project.  I don’t plan on taking a class next semester, so that frees up some weeknights.  So what will it be about?  Well, for those of you detective-types, the title of this post is a clue (the titles of posts are always clues!)

This is my problem – I let myself get distracted so readily by other projects.  My painting moratorium has really been great for purposes of focus, but when it’s not painting it’s something else.  Not that these distractions are bad things.  I just finished my collaboration with Molly which was well-worth the time (and which I will share here about one month from now).  I’m working on a music project with my brother that is really fun (will also share in early January) and planning an installation exhibit with Gwen.  Off to the back-burner are my plans for a daily webcomic, an improved online gallery, and any chance at a social life.

Speaking of living in a cabin in the woods (the implied transition), I finally picked up Bon Iver’s For Emma, Forever Ago.  I like it, but deciding to purchase it reminded me that I have a fairly large queue of albums that I’ve been meaning to get, and this time of year is a dangerous one for that kind of thinking (“Let’s consider it a Christmas gift to myself!”) Also dangerous, apparently, is publishing a brand new website in one fell click of the mouse… I might have crashed our server (or it might have been a coincidence?)  Check it out, though, I redesigned our website for my company!  (Which much help from Arek, thank you!)

And finally, a question for those of you who blog.  I don’t quite see the difference between tags and categories.  Are categories a more general thing and tags more specific?  I get a little OCD when it comes to organizing this blog… I’d prefer to use whichever is the more general, but I haven’t used categories all along and don’t really get excited about going back into each entry and adding them. But I’ll have to go back anyway to clean up my tags, so now is the time to make changes.  Help!