Broken hearted drum head.

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010


Well, technically she broke Luke’s drum (I’ll replace the drum head, don’t worry.)

Listen to the songs here. The top three songs are the new ones, and if they sound like they were recorded in a rush in a basement with crappy recording software, it’s because they were! Thanks Olga for the guitar loan, and Luke, of course, for the drums loan!

Head to head.

Thursday, February 11th, 2010


So sometimes in a rare while I will cheat and backdate a comic, but this one was really truly drawn yesterday, I just forgot to upload. Really!

Can you eat it? Can you hit it with a drum stick?

Monday, December 8th, 2008

Once every 100 years I cook a meal that was not first frozen or packaged in plastic. Tonight I learned what it really looks like to cook 6 cups of rice (listen, it’s a LOT more rice than it sounds like!) Tonight I made enchiladas, which is maybe a 0.5 on a cooking difficulty scale of 1-10. But they were awesome, and now they are in my stomach, and also in my refrigerator (to be stomached on another day). I need to try cooking more often. I don’t think women should have to cook and clean and do laundry and powder their nose but I think they should at least be able to do one of those things and I am pretty awful at all of them (men should be able to do them too, PLUS shoveling driveways and fixing cars).

I just got a text message from my Dad! I tried an experiment and sent him a message and he did indeed reply. How intergenerational! I don’t think I talk about work very much here but part of my job is that of an Intergenerational Coordinator, which means that I am in charge of programs that bring youth and seniors together. Today I was at our intergenerational choir practice and in the corner of the music room was a drum set just calling out to me. I managed to wait until practice was over, when all of the kids had left the room, and then I sat down at the drums and started playing a simple enough beat. It felt great.

Rachel and her boyfriend have loaned me some random bits of percussion for a project that I’ve hinted at (and will share soon enough). Currently they’ve loaned me a snare drum, a cowbell, a wood block, a tom (a tiny tom!) and a shaker. I want to play them all loudly but I am afraid the neighbors might not appreciate that. So I put a t-shirt over the snare drum and play it quietly.  Quiet IS the new loud.